Your Personal Celebrant for all life's events


A wedding ceremony led by a celebrant can be held at a time and place of your choice (subject to celebrant approval) and take a form that reflects your personality and wishes. Likewise vows can be exchanged that come from the heart.

By choosing a wedding ceremony officiated by a celebrant you have much more freedom than either a civil or religious ceremony - and you can include whatever content you want. You have complete freedom of venue (a stone circle, the beach or even your own home), of date (New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day perhaps) and of time (a sunrise or sunset wedding).

I would be delighted to work with you to design a ceremony that will include everything you want including walking down the aisle, attendants, vows, ring exchange, music, readings, hymns, prayers etc. You could even include contributions from family and friends! This will ensure your day is memorable to you, your family and your friends. 

It is quite easy to do this and follows the same process of some European countries or of couples marrying abroad. You marry in your local Register Office with just two witnesses present and then have the ceremony with family and friends at a time and place of your choosing led by your celebrant.

Same Sex Weddings / Civil Partnerhips

A same sex wedding is no different to the ceremony offered above and I am committed to creating an event that is dedicated to you. Working together we will create a personal ceremony and include everything you want to celebrate your legal marriage or civil partnership. It may be traditional, formal, relaxed or contemporary, include friends and family who support you both, and the content can be secular, religious or a combination. There are no limits!

Renewal of Vows

If you are celebrating a special anniversary, perhaps you married abroad or your home towns are a long distance apart and not everyone you wished could attend your wedding a Renewal of Vows ceremony is a wonderful way of publicly declaring your love and commitment to each other. Whether you want a small intimate event with just family and close friends  present or a big celebration working together we can create a unique, personal and meaningful ceremony that all will remember.

The content of the ceremony will reflect your past as well as your hopes and aspirations for the future. With music, readings, poetry and even contributions from friends and family the celebration can be traditional or contemporary and may include religious or symbolic elements.


Handfasting is an ancient Celtic ritual of tying-the-knot; in fact that’s where the phrase comes from. Coloured cords or ribbons, each with a different meaning, are tied round the wrists of the couple and it is a great way of including friends, family and children. A handfasting can be a stand-alone ceremony or can be incorporated into a more traditional service.