Your Personal Celebrant for all life's events


As your funeral celebrant I will be able to provide a ceremony that will best reflect the life of your loved one by encompassing both their life and the feelings of those who knew and loved them. I will tailor a service which best reflects your loved ones life, their age, background, circumstances, interests, spiritual beliefs and faith. It may be that any religious content is inappropriate or your loved one may have had a faith but no particular links to any church so a fully religious funeral is not appropriate. Perhaps, though, you would like to include a favourite hymn, Bible reading or a prayer so one without any religious content, such as a Humanist service, is equally unsuitable. As an independent funeral celebrant I can provide a balanced service which recognises this. 

Memorial services

Funerals are always difficult times and sometimes families want to keep the service itself as a simple affair for just close relatives. It may also be that there are people who are unable to attend the funeral service itself as they live away, are in hospital, or for other reasons. At times like this a memorial service can be held at a later date allowing arrangements to be made for all those who wish to attend and pay their respects to your loved one to be present. 

Scattering of Ashes

After a cremation a loved one may have had a favourite place (or places) where they have asked, or you wish, for their ashes to be scattered.
A special short service can be arranged which reflects their love of that place and commits them to rest in peace there.

Please note that in most places the permission of the landowner is required before ashes can be scattered.

Pet Ceremonies

Many pets are part of the family and are loved for many years. Their loss causes much distress and it is appropriate to mark their passing.
A special service can be held to recognise their role in the family either at a burial in a pet cemetery or at a scattering of ashes.