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Baby Naming Ceremonies

The arrival of a new baby is one of the most exciting events in a family’s life and many want to celebrate the occasion in a special way. Together we can design a celebration that provides a modern alternative to a traditional Christening and where the focus of the ceremony is your child.

In the ceremony we will welcome the child into the family, announce the names that have been chosen (and possibly why) make promises to support the child and choose other adults who will also promise to provide a supportive relationship to the child

Each ceremony will be uniquely written to be personal to you, and especially your child, and a souvenir certificate will be signed and presented during the ceremony.

Please note that the naming ceremony and documents do not have any legal status and the child’s birth still needs to registered in the usual way

Adult Naming Ceremonies

A naming ceremony is not necessarily just for children. Adults may also want to mark a change of name or gender.
During these very personal ceremonies a person is welcomed into the family and promised support by family and friends

Adoption Ceremonies

When a child is adopted into a family a naming ceremony may not be appropriate but an Adoption Ceremony allows you to welcome them into the family and to show how special and loved they are. You can make lifelong promises to your new child and get friends and family, including those you have chosen to have a special guardianship role, to do the same. Working together we can plan a unique and individual celebration that will be remembered for ever.